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FORGA is a system that allows decentralized data collection with centralized storage and maintenance of both, data and data collection system. FORGA was primarily developed to capture clinical trials in a cost-effective and time-saving web-based way. FORGA can be expanded almost indefinitely and enables administrators to individually program the system including but not limited to the storage structure of the data base.



CRF-Builder / Formgenerator
Allows the creation of input forms. A table that defines content and design thereby serves as the basis of the generator.

Design modul
The form and the entire application can be adapted with Stylesheets. This allows for the integration of graphics to a limited extent.


Client-sided plausibilities

The constructer enables the implementation of client-sided inspections that inform the user of possible errors already during the data input process (without prior backup).

Open concept for server-sided plausibilities
Important inspections for completeness are performed directly on the server and are executable individually and throughout the entire system.

User Management

Users can be managed in the common form, i.e. set up or delete new accounts, suspend/release users, etc.

Classification of users in any desired group (e.g.: Admin, backup admin, user, statistician, etc.)

Users can be grouped and integrated for information purposes. The address pool can also be optionally exported to other programs.

Application/Mailing assistant
The registration process is completely automated.

User tracking
The user behavior is monitored over the entire process starting with the registration and ending with the completion of the forms and can be analyzed accordingly.


Service Chat
The service chat facilitates the immediate contact with a member of the support staff.

User Chat
Users have the possibility to communicate with each other in real time. This is particularly useful if document management systems are deployed.

Import and Export

Database additions
The system allows the addition of contents and the integration of externally collected data which can also be automated at set time points.

Data Formats
CSV and XML.

CSV Reading the database with filters
Export and listings can be filtered by any desired criteria.

Form Printing
All documents can be printed in the following formats:

Possibility to Upload

Image and data uploads
A wide variety of data fi le types can be uploaded and linked to the database to archive reports, video or image recordings.

Installation of System directory structures
System directory structures can be installed and used to ensure a better data overview.

Graphic Integration within the form
The integration of images, documents and their respective change logs is possible within the form. A corresponding library can be attached to every input field for documentation purposes.

Integration of catalogs
Standardized and validated data input screens provide the user with a simplified data input.


Individual analysis from the perspective of the author
The data of the individual user can be analyzed in detail. For data protection purposes sensible data can be dismissed. The monitor has the possibility to reconstruct the perception of the physician from any position.

Consistency-groups and data field-queries
Mass inspections on consistency –inner and overfl ying logic – can be performed online. The system, furthermore, provides the possibility to generate queries and other individual requests in groups which users then either receive by mail or directly in the system.

Consultation / Feedback
The error-related communication with the user is possible on to the field level.

Audit and Alarms

The inputs of the physician can be analyzed and tracked as detailed as the individual click behavior of the physician. Deletions and special events can be linked to an alarm system.

Event Management
Special form contents can be linked to a reporting system via email, twitter, chat, etc.

Reminder function/Error reporting system
To ensure completion of the data in list form

Document Management

Organization of related documents
Documents are available for processing and editing across the entire system. Moreover, a version history is provided.

Dynamic integration of documents in forms
The documents available in the document management system can be provided for integration in the entry forms by FORGA.


Registration and Processes
All processes on the server are recorded. This particularly includes the debug log of registrations to prevent abuse and attacks as well as the status of currently logged-in users including a history. The data transfer is encrypted (HTTPS/2048)

Data base
The data base and all uploaded data are equipped with a multi-level encryption model that covers everything from user-oriented to field-oriented encryption. Symmetric as well as asymmetric procedures are used, constantly controlled for their adherence to current standards.

All data can be saved time-controlled and can be provided to both, the user and the corresponding administrators. The system also provides a recovery module.

Statistic Modules

Recruitment can be depicted numerically over time in order to monitor the process of the trial closely.

User activity
Under data protection aspects the evaluation of specific user activity is to be clarified individually for each application.

This module provides a set of formulas for descriptive statistics which must be implemented by a trained employee.

Graphical Representation
A module for graphical representation is provided for further analysis: Bar chart, Pie chart, Line chart etc.

Accounting System
The Payment can be administered on three different levels: patientlevel, physician-level and a toplevel including both, patients and physicians. The physician can be provided with a detailed list for billing purposes.






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